Super Cane Magic Zero

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Enjoy exploring with your friends! In story mode, you can travel with up to 4 local players as well as 1 person. Enjoy the story of "Maji Dog 64" with a wide variety of enemies, traps, and secrets. Also, as you progress through the story, extra dungeons will be released. Can you survive in a dungeon where death is at stake? Characters with a tremendous presence Players will be able to unlock playable characters by exploring the world of WOTF. Which do you choose, the exploding bacon or the grandpa who shoots the beam from your eyes? No matter what you choose, it shouldn't be normal. That's what "Maji Dog 64" is! Equipped with offline PvP arena mode "Maji Dog 64" is equipped with an arena mode with 6 stages. You can enjoy the battle under various rules, such as a map where you fight while avoiding each other's magic, and a scramble for only one jelly. When the match is over, how is your friendship !?