Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV

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The Diplomacy and Strategy Expansion Pack for the series' latest title "ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS XIV" is available at last!

An all new world of strategy awaits you.

  1. Make a display of your strategies on an increasingly worldly stage!
  2. With new elements "Geographic Advantages" and "Outlander Cities", the strategy of conquering land is even deeper!
  3. With "Geographic Advantages" based on the characteristics of each province, as well as the appearance of outlander tribes, the intensity of battling for land has been taken to the next level.
  4. A series first! Trade with foreign nations throughout Eurasia!
  5. By trading with great nations such as Rome and India, players can obtain various unique Specialties and Tactics as rewards.
  6. Enjoy the Romance of the Three Kingdoms easily with "War Chronicles Mode"
  7. Short scenarios that depict famous scenes from the novel have been prepared. Show off your high scores that are displayed upon clearing them!
  8. Many elements such as "Traits", "Tactics",